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Weed Spectator is California’s most comprehensive ratings system accepting entries throughout the entire year.  The annual Winter Green Ball is held in January at the Cal Expo state fair grounds in Sacramento and awards the winners of that previous year.  This sophisticated event gives consumers and aficionados the opportunity to learn more about the best in the industry and for Growers and Manufacturers to be recognized and honored for their achievements.  Go beyond your local competition and see where you rate within the entire state of California.


  1.  There are no entry fees.  It is our strong belief that true unbiased and blind ratings cannot be bought.
  2.  Product Quality:  Entries will be disqualified if the presence of pesticides, chemical growth regulators, fungal growth and or pathogens are traced.
  3.  Submission:  Samples can be delivered to our Sacramento office M-F  10a-4P or by appointment.  Our staff also travels throughout the state regularly and can collect in the field.  Just give us a call to coordinate.
  4.  Deadline:  Submissions are taken all year (January 1st – December 31st) and awards are presented at the Winter Green Ball in January for the previous year.


  1.   Outdoor Full Sun Flower
  2.   Light Dep Flower
  3.   Indoor Flower
  4.   CBD Flower
    1. Topicals
    2. Cosmetics
    3. Pet Care
  5.   Best in Aroma (three awards per category)
    1. Pinene
    2. Myrcene
    3. Limonene
    4. Caryophyllene
    5. Linalool
    6. Humulene
    7. Ocimene
    8. Terpinolene
  6.   Best in Regenerative Practices 
  7.   The BOS Award  (Best of State) Overall Flower
  8.   Best Accessory
  9.   New Product Innovation